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Speaking with Kai Ramey with La Raza for Liberation.

Self Care = Self Love Workshops

A shared learning space for understanding how to better take care of ourselves as artists, art workers, activists, and beyond. We will look into different areas of potential for strategies for self care including psychological, physical, emotional/relationships, workplace, spiritual, homelife and financial self care. Learn more.

Creating Your Artistic Career Plan Work Sessions

Using mission, vision, values, SWOT analysis, and strategic plan concepts applied to their own artistic career paths, artists, arts managers, arts entrepreneurs and beyond will be introduced to various strategies for professional development and will create a professional development plan for their career in the arts. Learn more.

Affinity Group Meetings Planning Support

Planning, facilitation and organization support for guided discussions with social identity groups like People of Color and LGBTQ+ affinity groups within your organization, community, or network. Learn more.

Other Facilitated Discussions, Speaker Series & Consulting

Guided discussions, speaker series’ or consulting for shared learning with your community, staff, members, beyond on equity, inclusion and social justice topics like race, gender, disability, and more. Learn more.